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  1. Decline of the manifestation of the power of God in today’s Church.
  2. Lack of fear of God among ministers, they cheat and lie in the name of God.
  3. Confusion of the truth and the false; the flock of Christ are finding it difficult to identify the true prophets.
  4. Christianity has left its place as the light of the world to a place of darkness, which is affecting our economy, health, society and families.
  5. Division and suspicion among believers.
  6. Christian faith has been hijacked from the cross of Calvary to denominational walls, doctrines and mundane things.
  7. The great commission- Soul Winning–is neglected as we busy ourselves building “castles” in comfort zones.
  8. Lack of continuity of vision; no ordered programme for younger ministers to succeed their leaders, “One – man – one – Ministry - Syndrome”.
  9. The church of Christ has become a means of making cheap material gain, hence bribe is given to unbelievers to gain accommodation and register ministries that have no message of relevance.
  10. Occult societies exploit the situation to set-up their own “Church” which propagate their practices and teachings in the name of Christianity.
  11. The honest seeker of God is exposed to insecurity and confusion.
  12. The need to take stock of Christian activities in this century.

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