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These books are sold in the market and in most good Christian Bookshops, however, the author has decided to make some of them downloadable for your blessing. This is because of his determination to make sure that the books are in the hands of those that need them. If you are led to support the ministry, just use the Bank Details below.

  2. Prayer God must Answer
  3. The Right Way to Fast and Pray
  4. Fight for It
  5. Expected Birth of the Militant Church
  6. Confronting Witchcraft in the Neighborhood
  7. How to overcome spirit husband and wife problems
  8. How to be Delivered and Remain Delivered
  9. Prisoner of War
  10. Grant Me Justice
  11. Who Told You You Are Naked?
  12. Stubborn Cases in Deliverance - Addiction, Occult, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  13. The Parable of the Visit of the Rat
  14. Doctrine of Baptism
  15. The Nazirite
  16. Overcoming the monster called stagnancy
  17. Three men at their last three hours on earth
  18. The Widow's Wish
  19. Reincarnation: Facts or Fiction
  20. You can be sure you are doing it right.
  21. Four Dimensions of Faith
  22. Challenges associated with the Family Tree
  23. Quest for Supernatural Power
  24. The Gospel According to Balaam
  25. Deliverance from Bad Luck
  26. Power Station

You can order for any of the books listed, for personal use or distributorship, by sending an email to: info@pnurnigeria.org

You can also call us on any of these numbers: 08035724526, 08064160402

Bank Details of the Author:
Bank: Eco Bank
Account Number: 0471002100
Name: Emma N. J. Nwosu

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Story of the Pastor who visited Hell Fire
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The Confession of a Retired Policeman

Confession of a Retired Policeman
Testimony of a man rescued from judgement & death
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