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Our mandate is REVIVAL, and we employ everything at our disposal to minister to the total man- Spirit, Soul and Body. Below is the best way we know to interpret our vision statement.

REVIVAL CENTER: This hosts administrative and training office; it houses the President’s office and the ministry chapel. We have a Retreat ground and a library. School of ministry- (School for Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare). New converts are raised by the Resident pastor of the centre. <Read more...>

EVANGELISTIC/MISSIONS OUTREACH: This is headed by General Director. He has under him, trained gospel ministers, both professional and itinerant ministers. Some of these are sent out to preach in buses and highways, some are supported to pioneer churches and hold gospel crusades. This is the unit in charge of our conferences, seminars and crusades. They also go for land liberation and prophetic prayer walks.

REVIVAL PRESS & BOOKS: This unit undertake the printing and publishing of tracts, newsletters (DOOR OF HOPE NEWSLETTERS) and other gospel materials. In pursuant of the vision of inducing revival we understand the power of printed matter; hence we publish books in this regard. Our website is also an avenue. We can undertake the publishing of any author whose book agrees with our mandate.<Read more...>

COMPASSION MINISTRY: This is an avenue to minister to the body needs of mankind. Schools and hospitals go a long way to bring people close to God. These services are rendered free or at subsidized prices. Clothes for the less privileged and orphans have been distributed free.

School of Deliverance

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Pastor Lukas' ChurchPastor Lucas' Church
Story of the Pastor who visited Hell Fire
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The Confession of a Retired Policeman

Confession of a Retired Policeman
Testimony of a man rescued from judgement & death
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